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Pauline Heim Loui Imke Rickert

We are lawyers by conviction and stand by your side in legal matters. We stand up for your interests with commitment, assertiveness and sensitivity.

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We fight for the protection of your interests and assist you in enforcing your rights in criminal law, incidental action, prison law, family law and migration law.

Our particular focus is on counselling and defending victims of sexualised, anti-LGBTIQ*, racist and anti-Semitic violence. We also specialise in political criminal defense in the area of so-called state protection. As lawyers we view the law and state domination critically, we represent you as an aggrieved party in cases of assault and violence by the police and law enforcement agencies. Our political claim is to oppose the abuse of state power.

We do not represent or defend neither people accused of racist, anti-Semitic or right-wing extremist offences, nor those accused of sexual violence.