Initial consultation

We will inform you about the costs for a first consultation when you make an appointment with us. How high the fee actually is depends on the scope and the difficulty of the matter.

If you have a low income, you may have the possibility to get counselling assistance. Then a consultation will cost you personaly 15 €, the rest is covered by the counselling assistence.

To do this, you must apply for a so called „counselling aid certificate“ (Beratungshilfeschein) at the district court before the consultation.

You can find the form here: Beratungshilfeschein form

You can find more information about consulting assistance in Berlin here: Beratungshilfe beantragen

Please bring the counselling aid certificate and an additional € 15 to our initial consultation. Otherwise we will not be able to advise you.

Further costs

We will inform you about further costs at a consultation appointment prior to granting you legal services.

Which costs are incurred differs depending on the matter at hand. For this reason, we will also discuss during the initial consultation whether further representation should be invoiced according to the statutory provisions, the German Lawyers’ Fees Act (RVG), or according to an individually agreed fee arrangement.

The costs incurred according to the RVG differ depending on the area of law in which we act for you. In criminal law, there are legally stipulated framework fees. In civil law and in residence law, the attorney’s fees are based on the amount in dispute, i.e. the value of the counterclaim.